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Resizing images for websites

Posted: by Peter Labrow

For those who aren’t design professionals, resizing images for use on websites can be a challenge. But a couple of free online tools make the whole process a lot easier.

My top 15 copywriting gripes

Posted: by Peter Labrow

If a key goal of copywriting is to convey meaning quickly, then it’s important to write with clarity. Mistakes and ambiguity slow the reader down. Here are 15 copywriting issues that I see often.

Keep your eye on the endgame

Posted: by Peter Labrow

Which do you want – more hits to your website or more customers for your business? One doesn’t automatically lead to the other.

Your customers do not care about you

Posted: by Peter Labrow

Sales-focused website content is only relevant to customers during that tiny, tiny window when they are actually buying what you sell. To get them to engage with you the rest of the time requires an objective understanding of what really motivates them.

Website content as an asset

Posted: by Peter Labrow

It perhaps isn’t usual for organisations to class any form of marketing as an asset, rather than a cost – but with content marketing that should really be the case.

Is it news?

Posted: by Peter Labrow

Publicity can be admittedly a bit hit and miss – but the main reason that most press releases fail is simple. They’re not actually news.

The top marketing trends of the last decade

Posted: by Peter Labrow

A decade is a longer time than you might think. Ten years ago, Concorde made its last commercial flight, the Iraq war began and Facebook didn’t even exist. And changes in marketing have been nothing short of astonishing.

Ten reasons why you should think about using Pinterest

Posted: by Peter Labrow

Oh no. Another social network to sap more of your time. And this one’s just a pinboard. Or is it?

Website designs with depth

Posted: by Peter Labrow

The trend for ‘vertical’ website pages begs the question: what works best – more information on fewer pages, or less information on more?

What content strategists can learn from TED

Posted: by Peter Labrow

What can website owners learn from TED Talks, which delivers some of the most visited and shared content on the Internet?

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