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We create websites, content and publicity for business-to-business and third-sector organisations. We provide strategy. Creativity. Great designs. Engaging ideas. Compelling copy. Social buzz.

Recent projects


Consulting, print, website

Carpenter Oak & Woodland
Carpenter Oak & Woodland

Consulting, print, publicity, website

National Skills Academy for Logistics
National Skills Academy for Logistics

Consulting, planning, publicity, social media

Blue Eskimo
Blue Eskimo

Consulting, print, website

St Ann’s Hospice

Consulting, print, website

Recent blogs

What’s your (video) story?

For companies wanting to tell their story quickly and effectively, nothing comes close to the power of video.

How deep is your brand?

A company’s ‘brand’ is far more than just logo design; it’s about every experience you deliver. From your core service to the final invoice, are you confident that your business impresses at every turn?

Don’t be distracted by Google’s algorithm reshuffles

Nothing sends the Internet into a tizz, especially the search optimisation sector, quite like a change to Google’s algorithms. But your online marketing world doesn’t have to be turned upside down by such changes.

Why Google’s deal with Twitter is a bigger deal than you think

Google and Twitter have entered into a new partnership – the result is that tweets will now appear live in Google’s search results. This is a bigger deal than it first appears.

Clients’ testimonials

  • “Labrow Marketing didn’t give us a good website – it gave us a great website. People now find us and our jobs on search engines and the site is contributing to our business growth.” Nick Bate, Blue Eskimo
  • “I believe Labrow Marketing is one of a very rare breed of companies which have the ability to grasp an understanding of a business and its market and convert that into common sense and pragmatic marketing collateral that really works.” Andy Parker, Carpenter Oak & Woodland
  • “We found Labrow Marketing to be a breath of fresh air. He got to grips with things very quickly, was able to act with the minimum of direction and always came up with the goods. He demonstrated an ability to understand our business from a commercial perspective and translate that into very effective marketing. He was responsive and always had an eye on quality.” Peter Sherry, chief executive, National Skills Academy for Logistics
  • “Peter Labrow is a real pleasure to work with. He is extremely thorough and always delivers high quality ideas and end-products. His knowledge of marketing is a real asset to any business, both in the short and long term.” Kelly Norris, Stratum
  • “Peter Labrow has been providing us with our marketing for almost a decade. He is able to work with the minimum of steering and comes up with the goods every time.” Bill Walker, QA
  • “Peter Labrow listens and understands quickly – both technically and as a marketer. He is not afraid to question or challenge what we want to do (but does it very politely and really makes you think).” Catherine Williams, St Ann's Hospice
  • “Peter brings an extraordinary ability to deliver a highly effective solution to a brief, combined with exceptional strategic and practical insight into the opportunities and business impact. A straight talker with a sharp wit and zest for life and people, Peter adds a lot of professionalism and fun to our projects.” Miles Corbett, Transition Associates
  • “Peter Labrow provides the kind of experience that is missing with a lot of today’s Web kiddie designers. He’s been building websites for years and has worked with some high-profile companies. If you want great Web design with a lot of marketing input, Peter’s your man!” John Lawton, Harlequin Training Solutions

Our clients include

  • Blue Eskimo
  • CRE
  • Futura
  • National Skills Academy for Logistics
  • St Ann's Hospice
  • Transition